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We Surpassed Our Final Fundraising Goal of 2023!

Snowy neighborhood with smoking chimneys and celebratory confetti,.

Thanks to the nearly 300 people who made a year-end gift to The Friendship Center, we raised over $89,000!

Contributions ranging everywhere from $10 to $5,000 helped us cruise past our $85,000 goal. More important than any dollar value though, this success matters because it will help us continue meeting our community's needs in 2024.

Each year, hundreds of individuals in our tri-county area who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking have access to free, 24/7, confidential services because you share our conviction that everyone deserves safety and respect, as well our vision for relationships and communities free from violence. Your generosity also helps power our efforts to prevent future instances of violence through community-wide education.

Your support enables us to deliver on our mission and makes it possible for so many people to access our vital services, learn about healthy relationships, and know how they can support survivors. We could not be more grateful to be in a community that cares deeply, and works together to make sure critical, life-affirming, and hope-begetting resources are available to everyone.

Thank you for helping us close out 2023 on strong footing, and we hope we see you in the months ahead. Check out our calendar page to stay up to date on opportunities to learn more about us, and show your love for our work at events in and around Helena.

THANK YOU from our entire team!


Are you interested in learning about other ways to give to The Friendship Center? Visit our giving page to learn how you can support us throughout the year with both monetary and material donations. Every contribution makes a difference in the lives of survivors, and in our community.


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