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Partner Spotlight: Broadwater County Development Corporation

You likely know that The Friendship Center serves Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, and Jefferson counties, but something we don't always emphasize is just how large our service region is. With more than 6,300 square miles, our tri-county area is bigger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. Sure, we're less densely populated than most states, but the distance between where people live and where they access various services can present unique challenges.

Our 24-hour crisis line helps shrink that distance—anybody seeking help in our three counties can connect with one of our advocates over the phone at any time for free, confidential support. However, people don't always know where to look for resources and information, and finding help can be confusing and overwhelming in moments of crisis. That's why our relationships with folks who have an ear to the ground and help raise awareness about vital local services are so important. One valuable source of information that helps us stay updated and connected with projects, needs, and resources in our wider community beyond Helena is the Broadwater Community Connections Newsletter.

Assembled quarterly and shared by Broadwater County Development Corporation online and by email, the newsletter highlights the efforts and needs of groups and nonprofits working to make a positive impact in Broadwater County. It's a great source for updates on organizations, project milestones, volunteer opportunities, and resource availability—all driven by a shared passion for thriving communities. We're proud to count ourselves among the occasional newsletter contributors, and we recommend keeping up with it! You can read past issues online, or email to get added to the distribution list for new editions.


The Friendship Center is just one of many organizations in our community working to ensure everyone is supported with care and dignity.

We highlight one of the fantastic organizations we partner with every month in our email newsletter. Sign up to make sure you don't miss a partner spotlight and learn more about some of the services available in our community.


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