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Partner Spotlight: Lewis & Clark County Children’s Advocacy Center

AWARE’s Lewis and Clark County Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) serves child victims of abuse with a trauma-informed, child-centered, and compassionate approach to forensic interviews.

As part of their work, CAC coordinates representatives from other agencies involved in every child's case, including law enforcement, child protective services, pediatricians, the county attorney’s office, the FBI, and family services. This helps ensure a comprehensive response for each child while reducing red-tape and barriers to families who would otherwise have to bounce between different agencies—potentially compounding the stress and trauma of an already difficult situation.

As one of CAC's partners, The Friendship Center receives referrals from their clients for other community-based needs or non-criminal justice supports like shelter and orders of protection. CAC also participates in the sexual assault response teams convened by St. Peter's Health, and provides valuable training to our staff advocates on child abuse and how to support families.


The Friendship Center is just one of many organizations in our community working to ensure everyone is supported with care and dignity.

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