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Changing Culture Through Education

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a natural opportunity to highlight our services for survivors. The need for those services is higher than ever and we know the impact of the safety, support, and resources we provide is significant. Our advocates strive to leverage each client's strengths and expertise on their own situation. The results of that partnership can save a client's life and put them on a path to truly thrive.

We serve hundreds of people each year, and each of them has a unique story. We'll always be inspired by the strength of survivors as they work to take back control of their lives—often in the face of immense difficulty and very real threats to their own safety. We like to remind our community, though, that the interpersonal violence affecting many of our clients is rarely just interpersonal. Cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking shouldn't be seen as isolated instances of private violence. They're generally not—there's an entire culture that enables these behaviors. That's why preventing domestic violence and sexual assault concerns all of us.

We all contribute to culture, so everyone can play a role in changing it. This month, we're inviting you to embrace your own power to help build a culture of safety and respect in your community circles. How? Accessing any of our resources and educating yourself on key issues and challenges is a great place to start. If you're part of a class, team, community group, or event, and you're ready to take your learning a step further, browse our community education offerings and consider requesting a presentation from our education team. Lots of our content is germane for every age and audience and can be adapted to meet your learning goals.


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